Strategic Human Resource Development

Strategic Human Resource Development

Restructuring of companies, changes in the organizational structure or a change in the market and competitive environment often lead to divergences between function-specific requirement profiles on the one hand and personal skills profiles on the other.

Strategic personnel development aims to harmonise skills, abilities, strengths, interests, inclinations and expertise of the work force with the future demands the company will have on its employees.

The comparison of skill and mindset with the profile of job requirements, the creation of job descriptions as well as performance and requirement profiles in conjunction with ultra-modern auditing procedures form the basis for the derivation of personal skills strategies and career models, thus enabling the optimal exploitation of potential. Valuable employees are bonded long-term to the company; the loss of knowhow is minimized.

Our experienced consultants support you with auditing and profiling, training and coaching as well as the implementation and expansion of a "Strategic Competency Management".

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